Do read about our incentives

The Department of Trade & Industry offers two incentives to projects filmed or post-produced in South Africa.

The filming incentives are based on the concept of Qualifying South African Production Expenditure (QSAPE), which is defined as the production costs spent by the applicant on copyright and goods owned, or facilities and services provided by South African companies and individuals. Eligible programme formats include feature films, tele-movies, television drama series and mini-series, documentary, documentary series and documentary features, animation and digital content / video gaming.

In the case of the post-production incentive, the concept is Qualifying South African post-Production Expenditure (QSAPPE), which includes music composition and licence fees,  editing suites while out of South Africa, sound studios, roto/VFX outsource work and some animation outsource services, editorial and sound post-production, facilities and personnel used in the post-production process and movement of data, connectivity and couriers.

The applicant must be a special purpose vehicle company (SPV) incorporated in SA solely for the purposes of the production.
There is no cap on the amount of the rebate that can be claimed. The separate incentive schemes are as follows:

Foreign Film and Television Production and Post-Production Incentive

South African Film and Television Production and Co-Production Incentive