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DO Productions is Marlow de Mardt & Brigid Olën.

DO Productions is a boutique and relationship orientated company specializing in the independent television and feature film market. Core strengths are exemplary management and producing skills. Founded in 1995 De Mardt and Olen are leaders in their field having achieved many international awards and consummate praise for their contribution to the industry, not only as producers but as pillars in industry based organisations. Their passion in projects range from the strongly commercial DIAMOND CUT DIAMOND directed by Oscar nominee, Darrell J Roodt to International Award winning Art House, such as the adaptation of Nobel Literature Prize Winner, J.M Coetzee’s Booker Prize novel, DISGRACE, starring two time Academy Award nominee, John Malkovich.

Marlow and Brigid have developed a unique signature as professional, insightful and committed producers. They capitalize on their integrity, creative, conceptual, and leadership qualities to deliver projects on-schedule and on-budget. More quality and less quantity is what shapes their business model. Together with associate Kim Williams’ finance and legal qualifications, the company provides smart solutions and peace of mind to the development of local projects, joint ventures and facilitations.

DO has a three-tiered line up, with a particular affinity for developing South African stories, building co-productions utilising their international treaty experience and executing service work. Current activities include feature films, European movie of the weeks, television trilogies and series for both international and local broadcasters. DO selects projects carefully based on their passion for the project.

Once identified they interpret the filming needs, identify values, understand cost controls and apply out the box thinking to provide partners and clients with exceptional screen value.

Screenplays of award winning and popular novels have inspired films such as TARA ROAD, THE WORLD UNSEEN, DISGRACE, TIRZA and most recently THEMBA - a boy called Hope. DISGRACE received critical acclaim, TIRZA was selected as the Dutch official entry to the Oscar’s in 2011 and THEMBA has garnered 13 prestigious international awards including the coveted Cinema for Peace Award in 2011.

DO is currently in development with the internationally acclaimed South African crime writers Deon Meyer and Margie Orford.

Award Highlights


Award Diploma for contribution by the Young Audiences of the Festival, Polish Film Festival (2012) Award Honorary Award 2011 - Cinema for Peace (2010)Award UNICEF Child Rights Award for Film Award (2010) Award CIFEJ Prize at the 29th Annual Rimouski International Festival of Youth Cinema, Canada (2011) Award The Aichi Cinema and Theatre Association Award at the Aichi International Woman’s Festival, Japan (2011) Award Grand Prix for Best Film & Mention Spéciale Collège au cinéma 37 (Special Mention from the International Youth Jury) at the Ciné-Jeune Festival, France (2011) Award Audience Award, Best Film at the Bermuda International Film (2011) Award Premio Scuole (Schools Award) at the XXX African Film Festival of Verona (2010) Award Audience Award, World Cinema at the 33rd Mill Valley Film Festival Award Jugend Filmpreis at the Fünfseen Film Festival (2010) Award Golden Dhow at the Zanzibar International Film Festival (2010) Award Bernhard Wicki Prize and DGB Film Award at the 21st International Filmfest Emden-Norderley (2010)


Award Best Feature Film Adaptation at the Australian Writers Guild Awards (2008) Award Critics' Award (FIPRESCI) at the Toronto Film Festival (2009) Award Black Pearl Award for Best Picture at the Middle East International Film Festival (2009)


Award Best Actress at the Grand Canarias Film Festival (2009) Award Audience Award Best Feature Film at the Paris Feminist Film Festival (2009) Award Best Director & Woman’s Favourite at the Clip Film Festival (2009) Award Audience Award Best Film at the Miami Film Festival (2008) Award Copper Wing Award for Best Director – World Cinema at the Phoenix Film Festival (2008) Award Audience Award for Best Film and Jury Award for Best Director at the Tampa International Film Festival (2008) Award Silver Medal at the Verzaubert International Film Festival (2008) Award Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Ensemble, Best Writer, Best Cinematographer, Best Editor, Best Production Designer, Best Costume Designer, Best Makeup & Hair Stylist and Best Sound Designer at the South African Film and Television Golden Horn Awards (2009).

SON OF MAN (2005)

Award Founders Prize at Michael Moore's Traverse City Film Festival (2006) Award Best Feature at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles (2006) Award Seattle Weekly Award for Best Film at Sundance (2006) Award Best Director, Best Cinematography, and the Special Jury Prize for Original Creative Vision at the River Run International Film Festival in Carolina, USA (2007)


Award Diva Award in the Category Best Film (2004)

AND THERE IN THE DUST (short film 2004)

Screened at over 35 festivals, the film enjoyed a 40 print theatrical release in South Africa. Award Best Short Animation and Best International Short Film at the Birds Eye View Film Festival, UK (2007) Award Best Short Film at the African Asian and Latin American Film Festival of Milan, Italy (2006) Award Best Writer, Best Cinematographer and Best Short Film at the South African Film and Television Golden Horn Awards (2007) Award Special Mention in the International Competition "Confrontations - Films Against Violence And Intolerance" at the 22nd International Short Film Festival Berlin (2007) Award Best South African Short Film at the Durban International Film Festival (2005) Award Merit Brett Kebble Arts Award (2004) Award Best Independent Mini Film at the Independents Film Festival USA (2004)

MALUNDE (2000)

Award German Critics Association Award (2003) Award Jury Award at the Bermuda International Film Festival (2002) Award Munich Starter Prize for Best First Time Director (2002) Award Golden Needle Award at the Seattle Film Festival (2002) Award Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor (x 2 shared) Award Best Cameo Role; Best Cinematography at the Avanti South African Awards (2001) Award Critics Pick of the Toronto Film Festival (2001)