Do see what we can offer you

South African crew are experienced, dedicated and hard working.

In every aspect of the film industry you'll find world class crew - from the art department, to technical to stunts and effects and production. When it comes to casting, we have range of experienced and professional actors.

Don't worry about equipment and facilities - we've got what it takes and more.

When it comes to equipment, our industry is geared up to meet all of your needs and our facilities are amongst the best in the world. We can provide for all of your equipment needs, a range of accommodation to suit your budget, transportation, film stock (US$ based price), construction and studio facilities.

We can facilitate your every production need - from a hot cup of coffee in the middle of the bush, right down to the most sophisticated post-production you would expect.

Do send a postcard home and tell them how beautiful South Africa is.

South Africa also features some of the most beautiful and varied landscape and the best locations the world has to offer - all in a temperate climate. From deserts to lush coastlines, from big cities filled with high-rise buildings to jungle-like environments, South Africa has it all.

Do sit back while we take care of everything from assembling and executing the budget to organising the shooting schedule.

Do we do it all or what? In three words: YES WE DO

DO Productions is a complete and comprehensive production company that offers you exactly what you need.
Our services include: